SCENE 1 - The Return

- Bloodbro Sean Rowan -

A rocker biker by the name of Ronnie Jackson was riding his favourite "Heritage Softail Classic" Harley Davidson with 20 of his biker members whom he called themselves “The Bloodbrothers”. He never knew why he called his biker gang that but it just happened his gang was named as such. Riding in front of the bikers rally as their leader, he came across a Church beside a road and heard a music coming from the front door. It was a violin music that sounded familiar to him. Suddenly he slowed down his bike. Trying to stop in front of the Church and got down from his bike. All other bikers behind him slowed down also and were surprised to watch him approaching the front entrance of the Church. Then Ronnie quickly turned his head towards the bikers and shouted.

Ronnie: Quiet!

(Beside him was his best biker brother named Eddy who quickly repeated his command to the rest of the bikers.)

Eddy: QUIET!

(Eddy started to wave to all the bikers to shut down their engines of their bikes as the running twin cam engines were too loud. Slowly drowning the violin music coming from the Church. Then Ronnie suddenly raised his hand high in the air for 10 seconds and then quickly moved it down. Signaling to all bikers to shut down their engines and in an instant all Harley engines were shut down as if he had just pulled the plugs from these engines. This was the power of the leader of this bikers gang. With just a stroke of a hand, he could command an immediate collective action from 20 bikers all at once. Now with a total silence on his side, Ronnie could finally listened the whole violin music and started to whisper to his best bro, Eddy.)

Ronnie: I…I know this song.

(The violin music was actually a song from Guns & Roses called “Sweet Child O’Mine” and somehow this music made him remember something from the past. Something that he couldn’t remember. Ronnie stood there for a moment then decided to walk into the Church. Eddy tried to stop him, probably trying to signal him that it may not be proper for a biker to walk into a Church. Not when a biker wears all leather accompanied by cowboy boots with a head wrapped around by a bandana and sunglasses. Ronnie just ignored him and kept walking. The violin music was just too familiar and too strong for him to ignore. As Ronnie approached the main door, he saw some teenagers standing beside the door staring at a group of violinists performing at the front stage of the Church. Suddenly in a state of shock, some of the teenagers realized Ronnie was just behind them and they kept staring at Ronnie tentatively. Then Ronnie asked them the question.)

Ronnie: Do you know this song? What is the name of this song?

Teenager: What? That song? It’s a violin version called “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns & Roses. From a rock band!

Ronnie: Sweet…Sweet Child…..Mmmm…..

(Ronnie turned his head around. Trying hard to remember that song. In his mind, he knew he had heard it somewhere before but he just couldn’t remember.)

Ronnie: By Guns and…. Roses!

(Then Eddy came and tapped his shoulder.)

Eddy: Bro! It’s time to go.

Ronnie: Bro! Do you know Guns & Roses?

Eddy: Sure bro! I know that band! It is the greatest and rockiest band in the States!

Ronnie: Rockiest Band?

Eddy: Yeah! Bro.. The hard rock band man! Here I got a poster in my bike! Come I’ll show it to you!

(Eddy quickly showed his favourite rock band poster to Ronnie hidden in his bike’s saddle. Ronnie hold the poster and looked at it tentatively and pointed at Axl Rose the lead singer in the picture wearing a bandana similar to his.)

Ronnie: Eddy! I…I know this guy! I….seen him in my dream and in my memory. Damn but I just can’t remember anything more.

Eddy: Easy bro! Remember the last time you have severe headache after trying so hard to remember something that you don’t understand. Just forget it man and let's go get some beers huh!

(Eddy quickly put his hand on Ronnie’s shoulder and walked him to his bike. Eddy also signaled to the rest of the bikers to start their engines and ride on. After a few miles, the bikers reached a bar called “Red Mountain Bar” at Wyoming High Mountain road. While in the bar, some of the bikers sitting with Ronnie were making some jokes about their wives and ex-wives.)

Biker 1: You know what! After I brought my second wife in, she actually stops shouting and nagging! HaahHAAAHAAAA!!!!!!

Biker 2: Well who’s your second wife? What’s her name?

Biker 1: Oh she’s Lily. You know what! Lily got the sexiest legs. The minute you look at her legs, you would want to lick them. Your saliva kept dripping and your eyes almost popped out. But only problem is….

Eddy: Is what?

Biker 1: She has 4 legs and she’s my new DOG! Haahahahahahah!

Biker 2: Hahaaaahhaa!!

Eddy: Haahahaaaaa!!!!

(Ronnie didn’t laugh but kept drinking his beer. His mind was still wondering about the violin music he heard half an hour ago.)

Eddy: Jesus! My case is worst. Just called my lawyer and he said I need to be separated for almost…God knows when…before I could actually break the knot with that bitch….. You know my wife is real sex lesbio crazy andda…phew!!!!No worries, my lawyer is calling me back anytime now then I will kick some ass hahhahhaaa!!!!

(Before Eddy could finish what he wanted to say, Ronnie quickly interrupted.)

Ronnie: You need to be separated at least 2 years before you could ask for divorce and according to Section 2 of the Family Act 2007, you could only file a divorce in the High Court after both parties have been scheduled to meet at the Family Tribunal Court and the reasons for divorce must not fall within the exceptions listed under Section 3(2) of the Act as amended by the Law Reform (Family Act) 2008.........?????

(Ronnie said it so loud and so fast until all the bikers were so surprised and became silent. Too shocked to witness what just happened. Their leader of the biker gang, Ronnie Jackson, suddenly uttered legal jargons about divorce and marriage under a law that is alien to them. Then suddenly the silence broke down to a full load of laughter not just from the bikers on the same table with Ronnie but all the bikers in the Bar. None of them have such a great laugh in years listening to a joke they thought made by Ronnie.)

Eddy: That’s a good one bro! HHHAHHAAHAAAAAA!

Biker 1: Good one! Bro! HAAAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

Biker 2: HAHAHAAAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!! My stomach can’t take it anymore! HAAAHAAAA!!!!

(Then suddenly Eddy’s cell phone rang. It was his divorce lawyer who called. Eddy picked it up and listened. Suddenly from his laughter, all could see his facial expression gradually turned into a serious frown as if the lawyer in the phone was telling him something bad and terrible.)

Eddy: Wait….wait….what did you just said? 2 years. Are you sure?....Huh..ah….Section what? Section 2??? Wait…wait….Did you just said Section 2 of the Family Act 2007? …You DID? Well! What about the exceptions? What it under some kind of Section 3 section 2 thing….What you say? Section 3(2) huh?....andda… amended by Law Reform (Family Act) 2008, is that true? …huh….ah….huh……Is true!.... Okay thanks. Will get back to you on this. Thanks man.

(Eddy quickly hanged up and looked at Ronnie tentatively. Even all the bikers in the bar and the ones on the same table were totally silent and shocked to witness what just happened again.)

Eddy: Bro….How the hell do you know so much about divorce law?

Ronnie: I….I just …… I just know and I……

(Then a female pillion biker suddenly pushed a button and played a song in the Juke Box. It was the same song again but this time it was sang by Axl Rose himself by Guns and Roses rock band. Ronnie kept staring at the Juke box and slowly walked towards it while the music played on.)

Ronnie: I…I…remember now…(whispered)…..This song was at the mansion…(still struggled to remember his past)……..Oh my God!....... I remember now………The mansion…..THE MANSION!!!!

(Ronnie quickly ran outside the Bar and got down to his Harley bike and started the engine. Then he rode his Harley bike so fast leaving all his bikers behind in the Bar and returned to his mansion like a thunderstorm. When he reached his mansion, he banged open the front door so hard and shouted for his butler, Alfred.)

Ronnie: ALFRED!..ALFRED!....Where are you? ALFRED!

(Then Alfred came into the hall.)

Alfred: Yes master?

Ronnie: Alfred! Tell me who am I?

Alfred: ????

Ronnie: ALFRED! Tell me who am I? TELL ME ALFRED!

Alfred: Sir???

Ronnie: Alfred! I remember things. I remember the “Sweet Child O’Mine” song and ….and…I remember stuff that are scary to me, Alfred!!! What’s happening to me huh?

Alfred: Sir, I am afraid you just had a nervous break down that's all. It will disappear ....

Ronnie: That was what you said the last time! But it’s getting worst, Alfred! I began to remember more and more things now! WHO THE HELL AM I ALFRED? TELL ME DAMN IT! WHY CAN’T YOU TELL ME? WAS I A LAWYER OR WAS I LIKE THIS A BIKER ALL THE TIME!!!!! DAMN YOU ALFRED!!!!DAMN YOU!!!!! I KNOW YOU ARE LYING TO ME FOR A LONG TIME!!!

Alfred: Sir, please....

(Ronnie then noticed a door at the end of the corner of the hall that was locked for a long time and covered by a curtain. He quickly tore down the curtain and broke into the door. Inside the room there were furnitures covered with white cloths. Then at one corner was a portrait hanging on the wall partially covered with a pink cloth. Alfred tried to stop Ronnie from going into the room.)

Alfred: Master Ronnie, please don’t go in. I beg you, please don’t.

(Ronnie pushed Alfred away and quickly moved towards the portrait and pulled the pink cloth away from it. For the first time, Ronnie saw a beautiful blonde portrait and turned to Alfred with anger.)

Ronnie: Alfred! Who is she? Is she someone I know? Huh? TELL ME!!!!

(Alfred just bowed down and said nothing. Ronnie kept asking him but Alfred refused to answer. This upset Ronnie so much that he quickly grabbed the portrait and tried to throw it on the floor. Hoping to break it but Alfred’s quick action stopped Ronnie from doing so. Then Alfred held the portrait and snatched it away from Ronnie.)

Alfred: Master Sean.. Please don’t do it! You will regret it later!

Ronnie: What….what…what did you just called me?

Alfred: ????hmmm..

Ronnie: What did you just called me? You said Master Sean???? DAMN IT ALFRED STOP LYING TO ME. WHO THE HELL AM I?

(Couldn’t stand the pressure and the feeling of getting lost, Ronnie broke down in tears and stood on his knees. Started to sob and weep. Feeling sympathy looking at Ronnie like that, Alfred decided to break the silence and tell Ronnie his dark secret.)

Alfred: You were not what you are now, sir…

(After heard what Alfred had just said, Ronnie slowly held his head high and looked at Alfred.)

Alfred: Everyone said it is good to keep the past from you. To let you forget the past so that you could move on with your new life. The past has nothing for you sir. In fact it was the past that caused you pain time and time again. It was the past that made you what you are today, sir.

Ronnie: Alfred, what are you saying? I don't understand.

Alfred: Sir, your name is not Ronnie Jackson. Your real name is Sean Rowan, sir.

Ronnie: Se….Sean……Rowan???

Alfred: Yes you were Sean Rowan. The famous lawyer who lost his fiancee, Cassandra, three years ago. This was Cassandra’s room, sir. You loved Cassandra so much that later led to the death of your favourite blood sister, Michelle, who was an angel in your heart, sir. I am so sorry to tell you all these. Oh! What have I done? I had made a promise to your dearest friend, Nichol White. I am so sorry, sir!

Ronnie: Mic…michelle……Cassie…..Cassandra…..Nic….Nichol…..AuuuurrrgghhhH!!!! My head!!!!!! It’s so painful! AAARRRGGGGGG!!!

(Ronnie put both his hands on his head as he felt a terrible pain and after a few minutes, he fainted. Alfred called for an ambulance and Ronnie was taken to a hospital immediately with Alfred by his side. While Ronnie was resting in the hospital the next day, Alfred was busy cleaning Cassandra’s room and later locked it again. He then covered the room door with a curtain. It was a place in the mansion to be forbidden forever. Not to be entered by anyone. Especially Ronnie Jackson who used to be Sean Rowan.)

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